About Us

A long time ago, in a land down under, three children went along to a suburban gym to participate in gymnastics. They did this for a number of years, including competing in events, but then life took them in different directions.

Not so long ago, at the start of this decade, one of the children decided to return to gymnastics as an adult participant, with the desire to compete at a high level. Unfortunately the age restrictions, and lack of availability of training sessions, made this strategy nearly impossible in Australia.

With another change of direction he took up photography, with the intention of promoting Australian gymnastics to the larger community and to the world. This led to videography, being motivated to provide a resource to gymnasts and coaches to assist them in identifying problems in technique. However, most participants believed that there were no problems with what they were doing already, so were not interested in this method of analysis and improvement.

The next step involved planning and starting to implement a documentary series on gymnastics in Australia. Our goal remained as it was in the beginning: to promote Australian gymnastics. Once we started filming we discovered a major problem with this. The level of skill displayed by most young gymnasts in no way would promote gymnastics. The camera can be very unforgiving, and every mistake would be recorded for posterity, causing future embarrassment for the young gymnasts.

Part two of the original plan, to make documentaries to promote Australian gymnastics, is this online journal. This platform reaches viewers across the whole world. We publish videos, photos and articles about all things relevant to gymnastics and to the people interested in the sport.

The Australian Gymnastics Journal is an independent forum giving a voice to individual gymnasts. If anyone wants to raise an issue about the gymnastics scene, contact us.